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  Ski areál Řeka has been one of the most popular ski resorts in the Beskydy Mountain since time immemorial. Its two ski lifts are located in the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains, close to the city of Třinec, on the outskirts of the village of Řeka.

The big lift on the red slope is 1,170 m long. The slope starts on a ridge at an altitude of 930 metres above sea level and over a length of 1,300 m it falls by 390 m to the lower station of the lift. The lift, as one of only a few in the Beskydy Mountains, runs from a valley (road, car park) to a ridge (950 metres above sea level) so it can also be used by cross-country skiers. From the upper station visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the neighbouring mountains of the Těšín Beskydy and the Polish Beskydy. However, the average slope exceeds 30°, which ranks it among the more difficult ones. At a distance of 50 m from the lower station there is a large-capacity car park.

The small lift on the blue slope is 380 m long. The slope is very wide all its length and is as flat as a pancake. It has gentle incline and that is why it is paradise for family skiing with children, for carving and fun-carving lovers. The entire slope is illuminated and thus offers evening skiing (Monday - Sunday). From the blue slope there is a beautiful view of the valley towards the Těšín region.

Both runs are on a northern slope which is why they ensure good snow conditions for the whole skiing season. In addition, we intend to use artificial snow in some places. Both slopes are groomed regularly with a modern PistenBully 260D groomer with a blade and a blower.

As supplementary services for this season we offer hot and cold refreshments, outdoor and indoor seating by a fireplace.


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